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Welcome Padaprincess!!!!!!!!!!

Odette Elliott Padalecki was born March 17, 2017!!!!!!!!! Please help welcome her by commenting/replying loving thoughts to Jared and Gen on Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Gen Edit by Me

Thought that I should hurry and get this posted before she's born, since it will be VERY soon. The picture at the top is from a Wildfire photo shoot. ❤

Jaravieve 7th Anniversary

7 Years ago today, Jared Padalecki married Genevieve Cortese in Sun Valley, Idaho. Here is a little picture edit I made with pictures of them through the years. Next up, Padaprincess being born!!!!

Old Pictures of Genevieve

I love all of these pictures of her!!! Most of them (if not all) are from before she started dating Jared!!! Yes, one of them says "Jennifer Cortese", she went by the name Jennifer for a little while, but it didn't stick. SHE IS SO PRETTY AND CUTE!!!!! I love her so much!

Jared Amino App

So I am the curator of a Jared amino, and we are trying to get more members to join. All you have to do is download the Amino app to your phone and click this link to join. If you want to add me, I'm akfjarpad. Please check out the catalog.


Why I love Genevieve Padalecki

People tend to assume that I like Genevieve so much, because she's married to Jared. That's not the case at all with me. I mean sure, I started to like her when Jared was first with her. Though it's definitely a bonus, that's not at all the reason. I started to be a fan of her, because I liked her performance as Ruby. I looked up other stuff she was in, found most of them and bought them. It hardy has anything to do with Jared, but everything to do with her as an individual. She's way more than just Jared's wife. She's an amazing actress. Even though I've noticed a lot of people do not like her performance as Ruby, so they use that ONE thing, to justify that she's bad. When they clearly haven't seen anything else she's been in other than Supernatural. Supernatural does not do her justice!

HATED (Veronica)

When a young punk rock band starts out in the underground music scene, the only thing they have is each other. But when a childhood friend - with complicated connections to the group - leverages her P.R. skills to get them noticed, they suddenly find themselves on the verge of making it big. The only question is how far they're willing to go in the pursuit of fame and fortune, and who they're willing to leave behind to get there. HATED explores the dark, smoke-filled corners where human nature and the contemporary music industry meet.

Flashforward (Tracy Stark)

A special task force in the FBI investigates after every person on Earth simultaneously blacks out and awakens with a short vision of their future.

In Stereo

So this is a short film Genevieve was in, in 2009. Her character does not have a name, and there's no description.